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Social Media for Small Businesses

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

On today news it easy to heard about revolutions 2.0; how people use social tools like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to connect and organize.

Definitely, Social media can be a great tool for small business. Word of mouth has been always one of most effective ways to capture new customers; and Social Media have potentiated it. By creating online communities, Business can reach new customers and keep in contact with current one.

Social media is not intended to replace traditional marketing tactics; but definitely they are a key component on the next generation Marketing Mix.

One common myth associated to Social Media is that they are related only to High Tech products and services. That is absolutely far away from the truth.  Your small trade business could benefit from Social Media. Imagine, Joe the Plumber, that follow-up by tweeter and Facebook about his work.  Social contacts of Joe clients would see those interactions, and with a really low cost, Joe have been reaching potential new customers.

A recent study published by Retail Gazette, show that about one third of 16-24 year old consumers are following retailers on Social Media. Each day, more consumers are turning into the Internet and Social Networks to look for references of products and services. In the past, having a Yellow Page advertising was necessary for your business, Nowadays having a Web Social Presence is a key component for your business.

Centum Systems consulting services can help you to identify opportunities to enter into the Social Revolution.