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Top 5 reasons why your business need a web presence

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

#1) To connect and better serve your customers

There are millions of people using the Internet every day. Just in Canada there are more than 25 millions, including your current and future customers.

You probably have use the telephone as a tool to make contact with your customers. Could you imagine a business selling your products and services without a phone? It is the same with the Web; it is a tool that will help you to connect with your customers.

Keeping your customers informed is an essential part of a business. What and when is your next sale? Why they should do business with you? On a website your customers can find 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the information relevant to them.

#2) To promote your business

Marketing is a key component in the success of any business. Today the web presence is as essential as a business card and should be present in your marketing mix.

In a typical Yellow Page Ad, you will try to answer: what do you do? How your customers can contact you? Which payments do you take? Where are you located? Nowadays, more and more customers are going online to Google and other search engines to find these answers. You must promote your business online as you do with the traditional media.

Having a website will increase the reputation of your business. You need a website that presents your business with a professional and credible image.

#3) Lower Marketing costs

You can save the costs of the prints and distributions of brochures and other marketing materials. Implementing an e-mail marketing campaign only requires a fraction of the cost for Direct Mail.

#4) It is environmental friendly

You can bit a little bit more environmental friendly to our planet. With a web presence, you may not need to print as many brochures and flyers as you had before. By being paperless, you will help to save trees and preserve our forests to future generations.

#5) Expand your Market

There is a marketplace of millions of users. An since Internet is borderless you could expand to International Markets by promoting your products at a lower cost that a trade-show. 

At Centum Systems, we can help your business to have a professional web presence.